Pre-Paid Funerals in Adelaide

Plan ahead, make decisions in your own time and be prepared. Feel at ease that everything will be taken care of to your wishes. Take the burden away from your family and loved ones at an emotional time.

Pre-arranged Funerals

Download a Form to Pre-Arrange Your Funeral with Us

A funeral service can be pre-arranged by providing the necessary legal prerequisites for registration and personal requests in writing long before any pressures of grief and sorrow… no payment is involved.  These details are kept private and on file until the need arises. Pre-arrangement will ensure your requests are carried out as you wished.

Pre Paying a Funeral

Pre-paid Funerals

As above pre-paying for a funeral at today’s price.  A contract is drawn up for services chosen and the payment is invested with a selected list of trustees. Getting your affairs in order should include a pre-paid funeral ensuring your instructions will be carried out upon your death.

Benefits For Pensioners

A pre-paid funeral is of benefit to pensioners as it’s not subject to the income or assets test or deemed earning rules (according to current legislation). Money spent on a pre-paid funeral plan can enable you to maximise your pension entitlement.

Download a Form to Pre-Arrange Your Funeral with Us

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