Centennial Park Cemetery

Centennial Park Cemetery is located in the Adelaide suburb of Pasadena. This cemetery has onsite chapels, a crematorium, memorial gardens and burial sites. Mattiske Funerals often use our own chapels located at Salisbury or Clovercrest in conjunction with the facilities at Centennial Park Cemetery to accommodate family needs and final wishes. The cemetery is well laid out with beautifully maintained parks, gardens, ponds and water features. It’s the ideal tranquil and peaceful location to lay your loved one to rest and to pay a meaningful tribute to their life.

Facilities Available at Centennial Park

Within Centennial Park Cemetery is the Jubilee Complex, the site of 3 non-denominational chapels, Mawson, Florey and Heysen which we can use for burial, cremation or memorial services. The chapels are all fitted with technology to allow family photos, videos, songs to be shown at the service. The Jubilee complex also houses a viewing room allowing for private time by family and friends before the burial or cremation.

Mawson Chapel- suits smaller services seating up to 30 people
Florey Chapel – seating up to 90 people
Heysen Chapel – seating up to 250 people

Centennial Park Cemetery has its own crematorium on site.

Gardens and Surrounds

There are several burial areas in Centennial Park Cemetery, the largest cemetery in the southern suburbs of Adelaide. ‘Olive Terrace’ overlooks the ocean surrounded by Olive trees. Here the options are varied with spacious vaults, large monuments and many granite memorial styles and colours. ‘Olive Views’ has a classical European garden style with pencil pines and dwarf pomegranate trees. ‘Martinique Grove’ allows for a contemporary garden burial amongst fragrant magnolia trees . These areas allow for a full lawn burial amongst fully irrigated lush grass.

There are over 50 themed memorial gardens in Centennial Park from rose gardens where 7,800 roses are tenderly cared for to lush tropical gardens. You could have a memorial erected on a garden seat, wall niche, granite or timber upright memorial, garden edge plaque or ornament within these stunning gardens. You’ll find a suitable location to lay your loved one to rest that fits their last wishes.

After a fitting memorial service and cremation, you may choose to take away the ashes in a fitting urn.

Choose Centennial Park Cemetery for a memorial service, the use of the crematorium or as a final resting place. Contact Mattiske Funerals and we’ll help you plan a fitting tribute to your loved one using Centennial Park.

Finding Centennial Park Cemetery

Centennial Park is found on 760 Goodwood Road at Pasadena. Please see the map below for more information.

If you want to use Centennial Park as part of saying goodbye to your loved one please contact Mattiske Funerals or ring us 24 hours a day on (08) 8258 1856.

Ph. (08) 8258 1856