Our Locations

Mattiske Funerals was established in Salisbury by Ron and Beulah Mattiske in 1966. We primarily service the needs of the Northern Area of Adelaide, South Australia but can and do help and support our customers from other parts of Adelaide and South Australia.  We have funeral chapels in Salisbury (our head office) and Para Vista where our Clovercrest Chapel is located.

Clovercrest Chapel

Clovercrest Chapel

Our Clovercrest Funeral Chapel is appropriate for secular and religious services and is located on Montague Road, Para Vista and has seating for 140 and a dedicated car park.
Salisbury Chapel

Salisbury Chapel

Located in Salisbury our head office is also a funeral chapel with seating for 70, viewing facilities, and a lounge in which to relax and take refreshments at the conclusion of your service.

In addition to our own Chapels we can, and often do, work with the following venues:

Centennial ParkLocated on Goodwood Road, Pasadena Centennial Park services Adelaide’s south and is one of the largest cemeteries in the state. This venue provides for burial, chapel, and cremation funeral services. You can read more about Centennial Park Cemetery and the facilities here.

Enfield Memorial Park
Enfield Memorial Park is found on Browning Street, Clearview. It can offer cremation memorials and gives a range of burial options including Adelaide’s first mausoleum. Two chapels (the Acacia and Folland Chapels) are available to hold funeral services. You can read more about Enfield Memorial Park and the facilities available here.

Pioneer Catholic Cemetery
The Salisbury Pioneer Catholic Cemetery is found on Ponton Street in Salisbury, very close to our Salisbury Funeral Chapel.  The cemetery offers a range of burial options and storage for cremated remains.

Salisbury Memorial Park
This non-denominational cemetery is located close to our Salisbury head office on Spains Road, Salisbury Downs.  A well kept cemetery in natural surrounds, it can cater for different types of burials such as lawn burials, ledger burials, and includes a vault section.

Smithfield Memorial Park
The Smithfield Memorial Park is found in the outer northern suburbs on Smith Road, Evanston South.  It offers a range of burial types including lawn burials, headstone, full monument, and above ground.

Your Chosen Church
We’re happy to hold your funeral service at any church or venue of your choosing.  Just contact us and let us know where you’d like to hold your service and we’ll sort everything out for you. Similarly we’ll work with you to inter your loved one at the cemetery or memorial park of your choosing.

Ph. (08) 8258 1856