Arranging a Funeral in Adelaide

Mattiske Funerals has helped generations of South Australians celebrate the lives of their loved ones with the love, care and attention they deserve. Arranging a funeral is always a difficult time for any family and we’re here to make it easier. We’ve been helping families in the northern suburbs of Adelaide from our head office in Salisbury and in the north eastern suburbs from our Clovercrest Chapel in Para Vista for more than 45 years. Our central location means we’re  able to easily arrange your funeral service regardless of what church, chapel, cemetery, or crematorium you choose to use in South Australia.

What Are Some Major Decisions To Make?

You’re going to need to make some major decisions when arranging a funeral.  We can help you make the best choice for yourself and for your loved ones farewell. Here’s just a few things to think about:

  • What sort of service do you want? A burial or cremation?
  • Where in Adelaide will you hold your funeral service? What time will it be?
  • Who is going to conduct your service? A celebrant, a member of the clergy, or a family member?
  • Do you want a viewing?
  • What sort of coffin do you want and who will be the pall bearers?
  • Do you want any special inclusions in your service? Perhaps music, a specially prepared eulogy or a slideshow celebrating the life of your loved one.

Mattiske Funerals is pleased to be able to offer you a range of funeral options so you can personalise the ceremony to your wishes. You can see a full list of the options here, or speak to us about a special request. Alternatively we also offer a range of pre-set burial packages and cremation packages.

How Can We Help?

Our staff, lead by Robert Mattiske, have many years of experience providing personalised service, compassion, and understanding to families experiencing loss. When you’ve lost a loved one we can provide a helping hand to guide you through the the funeral planning process, making all the required arrangements, and helping you get the required certificates. Your questions will be answered promptly and we’ll be there through the entire process to support and help you. If you have just lost a loved one and have any questions or just need someone to talk to then please contact our friendly staff.

Below you can see some helpful resources that you should look at to make the decisions required to arrange your loved one’s funeral in Adelaide.

Getting Started

Getting Started

We can help you through the process of planning a dignified and joyous farewell to your loved one. Read this page to get an idea of how to get started planning a funeral in Adelaide or just give us a call and we'll hold your hand through the process...
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